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Privacy policy  
Nikken SEIL Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Nikken SEIL) recognize the importance of personal information, and decide our policy and make our rules and follow to respect your privacy.
Nikken SEIL will respect laws and rules about protection of personal information, and make efforts to handle properly and protect. Nikken SEIL will improve privacy policy continuously by reconsidering our system.
Personal information means information about person by which corresponding person can be identified. Examples of the information are name, birth date and other descriptions.
Nikken SEIL will store under proper control to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage.
Purpose of use, and how to collect information:
Nikken SEIL will state the purpose of use when we collect your personal information directly from you in written form.
Personal information received as purchase orders, requests for analysis, requests or documents, application to campaigns, questions, submission to our web site, disclosed at public websites or published papers can be used for following purposes.
Delivery of goods, import or export goods, report of analysis, settlement of accounts, processing of payment by credit card, reply to requests and questions, sending brochures or other information, questions from Nikken SEIL, technical support and other services to customers. Nikken SEIL can use some information by which corresponding person can't be identified, for statistic analysis, marketing analysis, scientific research purpose.
Disclosure to other parties:
Nikken SEIL will not disclose personal information to other parties without permission except following cases:
Requests to disclose under law, consignment of delivery of goods, technical support and other services.
Nikken SEIL can consign management of personal information to other parties. In this case, Nikken SEIL will choose proper parties which have proper privacy policy, and keep looking after these parties.
Your choice:
If you wish to modify or delete your personal information stored at Nikken SEIL, please feel free to contact us by FAX (+81-538-49-1267). If you wish to disclose your personal information please request by written letter with your authorized ID, for example a copy of your passport.
Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA), Nikken SEIL Co., Ltd.
Haruoka 710-1, Fukuroi, Shizuoka, 437-0122 Japan
TEL: +81-538-49-0125, FAX: +81-538-49-1267 (Japanese and English only)
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