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Traceelements Calcium Ca colorimetric assay kit
Easy to use. For cell lysates, serum, plasma and wide variety of biological samples.

Pre-preatment free!
Species independent!
No toxic substance!
Applicable to microplate reader!

[ Product Description ]
Calcium is the most abundant mineral which accounts for 1.5-2.9% of body weight, and is an important element in the formation of bone and cartilaginous tissues. In the human bodies, 90% of the calcium is present as hydroxyapatite in bone, 1% is in cells, and 0.1% is in the blood. Calcium is known to plays important roles in various physiological functions such as osmotic homeostasis, blood clotting, muscle atrophy, nerve stimulation, and the activation of enzymes. In blood, 45% of calcium is attached to albumin or globulin, 10% is present as phosphate salt, and 45% exist as free ion.

[ Assay principle ]
o-Cresolphthalein Complexone (OCPC) and calcium can form a chelate complex with deep red color. The concentration of calcium can be determined by the absorbance at 570 nm. Although most OCPC-based calcium assay has sigmoid-shaped calibration plot, the calibration plot of this kit is linear and the calcium concentration can be estimated by simple one-point calibration.

[ Performance ]
1. Sensitivity:
2. Accuracy:
3. Intra assay variation:
4. Assay range:
O.D. at 10 mg/dL standard will be 0.5 - 1.0
±15% of known concentration
C.V. is less than 5%
0.2 - 30 mg/dL
[ Specifications ]
Assay principle: o-Cresolphtalein-Complexone(OCPC) method (Colorimetric assay at 570 nm)
Specifity: Calcium (Ca)
Measuring range: 0.2 - 30 mg/dL
Assay conditions: 10 minutes at room temperature (25 - 37 °C)
Applications: Serum, plasma, urine, saliva, cell lysate, tissue extract, plant extract, hair extract, food extract and water.
The effect of 15 mg / dL of magnesium is less than 10%. Will be affected by EDTA.
Storage temperature: 2 - 8°C (don't freeze).
Expiry date: 1 year after the day of manufacturing.
Required but not provided: Distilled water
96 well microtiter plate
Micropipettors and pipette tips
Microtiter plate reader(measuring at 570 nm, and 540 or 650-700 nm as reference)
[ Contents of this kit ]
R-1 Buffer (ready to use): 38 mL
R-2 Chelate color (ready to use): 10 mL
Calcium standard 10 mg/dL (ready to use): 1 mL
[ References: Assay examples ]
1) Fujita T, Noguchi K, Terashima I:
Apoplastic mesophyll signals induce rapid stomatal responses to CO2 in Commelina communis.
New Phytol 199(2),p395-406(2013). doi: 10.1111/nph.12261
2) Kenta Maruyama, Satoshi Uematsu, Takeshi Kondo, Osamu Takeuchi, Mikael M. Martino, Takumi Kawasaki, Shizuo Akira:
Strawberry notch homologue 2 regulates osteoclast fusion by enhancing the expression of DC-STAMP.
J Exp Med 210(10),p1947-1960(2013) doi: 10.1084/jem.20130512
3) Hisano K, Fujise O, Miura M, Hamachi T, Matsuzaki E, Nishimura F:
The pga gene cluster in Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans is necessary for the development of natural competence in Ca(2+) -promoted biofilms.
Mol Oral Microbiol 29(2),p79-89(2014). doi: 10.1111/omi.12046
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MC Reagent Calcium Assay Kit (OCPC) CCA-030 0.2 - 30 mg/dL 200 tests US$240 / €185

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