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List of products
Code Product Quantity
KOG-200SE New 8-OHdG Check ELISA kit 0.5-200 ng/mL
96 wells
KOG-HS10E Highly Sensitive 8-OHdG Check ELISA kit 0.125-10 ng/mL
96 wells
KDT-010EE Dityrosine (DT) ELISA kit 0.05 - 12 µmol/L
96 wells
KHL-700E Hexanoyl-Lys (HEL) ELISA kit 2-700 nmol/L
96 wells
KPA-050 Total Antioxidant Colorimetric Assay kit (PAO method) 21.9-4378 µmol/L
96 wells
KGS-419J Total Glutathione assay kit 5-100 µmol/L
100 tests
KSD-311J SOD activity assay kit 500 tests
MOG-100P Anti 8-OHdG monoclonal antibody(N45.1) 100 µg/vial
MOG-020P 20 µg/vial
MHN-100P Anti 4-HNE monoclonal antibody (HNEJ-2) 100 µg/vial
MHN-020P 20 µg/vial
MHL-021P Anti Hexanoyl-Lys (HEL) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
(New product: clone 5F12)
MBY-020P Anti Dibromo-Tyrosine (DiBrY) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
MTG-100P Anti Thymidine Glycol (TG) monoclonal antibody 100 µg/vial
MDT-020P Anti Di-Tyrosine (DT) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
MMD-030n Anti malondialdehyde (MDA) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial
MAR-020n Anti acrolein (ACR) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
MHH-030n Anti 4-hydroxy-2-hexenal monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial
MCA-030n Anti crotonaldehyde (CRA) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial
MMG-030n Anti methyglyoxal (MG) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial
MKC-020n Anti 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
PLP-466J Lipid peroxide probe (mitochondria) 5 µg x 3 vials
PLP-350J Lipid peroxide probe (DPPP) 10 mg
MNW-020P Anti Nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial
CFE-005 Iron Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Ferrozine method)
100 tests
CFE-010 Iron Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (Nitroso-PSAP method)
100 tests
CBC-800 UIBC Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (Bathophenanthroline method)
100 tests
CCU-400 Copper Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (3,5-DiBr-PAESA method)
100 tests
CZN-001 Zinc Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (5-Br-PAPS method)
100 tests
CCA-020 Calcium Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (Chlorophosphonazo III method)
200 tests
CCA-030 Calcium Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (o-Cresolphtalein-Complexone method)
200 tests
CMG-035 Magnesium Colorimetric Assay kitt
            (Xyridil Blue-I method)
100 tests
OPF-010E-10 Ultra filter unit for serum pretreatment.
(Cut-off M.W. is 10kDa For serum 8-OHdG.)
1 unit
OPNUCP1 Nuclease P1 from Penicillium citrinum.
For pretreatment DNA samples to detect 8-OHdG.
500 units/vial
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